Top 6 Industries that are expected to grow in 2019

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Written by – Dilshan at OmeBiz

As we are almost reaching the last few days of January and well off into the year 2019, listed here, are a few industries which could boom this year.

Virtual Reality

VR Technology


VR equipment has only been available to mainstream consumers since 2015, however, since then VR has gained quite the popularity and interest of not just the gaming community but also by various tech enthusiasts. Virtual Reality, while vastly used for gaming purposes, still holds the potential to reach various other sectors. Also, as seen in 2018, multiple social networks implemented virtual lens to fit the users liking, Snapchat being the fore-runner to implement this technology into their application holds quite the favour of users.

Another indication we could clearly show as to how VR would expand is by analyzing the price change that occurred for VR headsets, going for reasonable rates, as low as LKR 2000, these devices have become some of the most coveted wish-list items.

Green Technology

Solar Panels used at an Electric Car Charging Station


While the world is still able to run on fossil fuels, the day we switch to renewable energy seems to be nearing faster than we expected it. Green Technology and Energy have been gaining a steady grip in the US, following the footsteps of Europe and China who currently are leading in the Renewable Energy sectors, spanning from solar rooftop solar panels to Electric cars.

Majority of the large Automobile manufacturers have taken measurements to provide all-electric or hybrid vehicles. The first Electronic vehicle was released by Nissan in the year 2014, releasing the Nissan Leaf and taking their step into the future of motor-vehicles. But currently, Tesla has proven to be the dominator of the Electric Vehicle industry.

Like a slowly rising industry we see a rise of Green Technology coming forward in Sri Lanka, known for it’s tropical and Eco-friendly nature.


Drones were initially used as military equipment in the early days, however, they have evolved and are being used for leisure activities by photographers, videographers and by general consumers. The drone industry developed to hold a great place, that most countries now have academies through which you could get educated and licensed to operate drones professionally and carefully.

Drones are handy devices which hold the potential of being used to aid in multiple sectors such as; construction, firefighting, agriculture, cinematography and more, this shows the potential and how vastly the drone industry to grow. A few countries including the USA have already implemented drone deliveries for fast food chains.

Mobility Technology

As much as riding in a self-driving car sounds Sci-Fi, it is about to become a reality and take you by storm. While bringing back memories of a beloved auto-driven character, major auto companies have teamed up with tech companies to bring the two aspects together and produce a truly autonomous car whilst paying attention to roadside safety.

Tesla being a major Automobile producer initiated their task to achieve a self-driven car in 2015 and we see them making progress. As a further improvement, earlier this year at the CES 2019, a company named ‘Yandex’ took the initiative to provide a driverless taxi service across Las Vegas for the event attendees.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


In recent days the world has faced the emergence of a multitude of online marketplaces, currently the highest valued company being an online market place. Thus, the competition of marketing oneself in a unique fashion became quite important which led to the emergence of a new industry, Content Marketing.

Merely, having a website wasn’t sufficient for companies to show off their brands, for these matter companies used content marketing to promote and amplify their brand. Moreover, as the global society is heavily based on social networks in today’s world opening numerous opportunities and challenges for content marketing agencies and in-house creative teams alike.


Biotechnology to improve medical facilities


Biotechnology is an industry that emerged into being by the combination of Biology and Technology, which sprang into existence in the 1970s. It’s quite evident that this industry has evolved over the years with technology being used for medical purposes.

The rapid advancements of technology in the recent years opened doors for fields for Biotech, spanning from medicines to agriculture and industrial safety equipment. A major hurdle Biotech is trying to overcome currently is the competition of Nano-technology to help cure deadly diseases. As before since we continue to see a rise in technology, we can expect to see drastic changes and improvements in the Biotechnology field.

In conclusion, an extensive variety of industries, from technology to marketing to medicine are expected to achieve major breakthroughs and revolutionary findings in the remainder of 2019 or the few years to come.

Which industries do you think would transpire that weren’t mention above?