Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019!

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Marketing Trends


Written by – Ranuli at OmeBiz

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas decorations are already up and thoughts are turning towards 2019.

While most of us are enjoying this festive season, businesses are crunching numbers and having tough discussions about their marketing plans and the budget for the New Year. Therefore it is important to look ahead to what the marketing industry as a whole has in store and understand how you should change your marketing strategy to keep pace with these changes.

With 2019 right around the corner, here’s how you can you do it:

Virtual and Augment Reality is the Present

As 2018 has shown, VR and AR are no longer futuristic concepts that can only be found in Sci-fi movies, these technologies are in the here and now. Majority of the businesses today have just begun to explore VR/AR as a platform for marketing. However, big brands and retailers across the world are making the most of this technology for the past few years.

Amazon rolled out their augmented reality view in early 2018, which lets customers view the products in their houses before making the purchase.

Both these technologies have provided an open space for Business-to-Business marketers to deliver their products and services to customers in the most innovative of ways. Virtual product walkthroughs have come a long way and provide a fresh take on traditional demo videos.

Voice Search over Web Search       

Search queries today are evolving beyond its traditional text-only origins. Visual and voice Search have taken over and are given serious consideration. Visual Search is where images are used to find text-based information. Google, Pinterest, and Microsoft were quick to jump onto the wagon and it’s just getting better with time. This gives marketers an edge, as they can prepare tailor-made content to await potential customers after their image searches. This also provides them with an insight into the customer’s preferences.

Voice search has also grown as a way for customers today to find information without even having to lift a finger. For an instance, Domino’s has teamed up with Amazon Echo to let customers order pizza hands-free.

Video Content Killing Other Forms of Content?

Video Marketing


Ever since video marketing made its way into inbound marketing it has not shown any signs of slowing down, it has been predicted that video content will take over other web content by 82% in 2020.

Live content is on an upswing these days fueled by social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This technology is one of the best ways to galvanize products, widen reach, inform about new products and find new ways to create valuable experiences that do not require large investments. Moreover, live videos can also be used for Q/A sessions and how-to videos, creating interactive content that can essentially be personalized.

Furthermore, with the introduction of IGTV, businesses can now share their longer content organically. The success of IGTV and similar platforms are worth keeping an eye out for.

Therefore, if video-based marketing isn’t part of your strategy yet, it’s high time that you make it a priority in 2019.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Round-the-clock internet access has surpassed customers having to wait for the business to open in order to gather information. Chatbots along with AI offer round-the-clock services to meet the expectations of always-on clients. Chatbots have been in action over the past few years, however, AI has brought in a fresh new perspective to this technology.

It has been predicted that over 40% of the large brands will be using intelligent assistants by 2019. This way customers can connect with their favorite brands over chat. Furthermore, customers can resolve simple queries over chatbots as they offer accurate, fast and cheap customer service solutions, thus, making it a valuable marketing tool.

Here’s how Google has used these technologies to create Google Assistant:

Positive Social Proof has the Power to Make or Break your Product

With the internet becoming a great equalizer in the marketing world, online customer reviews on Facebook, Google, and other reviewing pages have gained a great level of significance. The product or service ratings on these platforms considerably influence businesses.

Client Reviews


Thus, it is imperative that businesses focus on a more community-oriented marketing strategy if they wish to stick around for a while. Offering great customer service, attention and incentivizing the happy customer to review will play a huge role in 2019.

Marketing and communication is an industry that is constantly and rapidly evolving. Keeping up with these trends and capitalizing on them will help businesses today to capture new audiences on fresh playing fields.

Let us know which strategies you plan on implementing in the comments below!