Would you Hire Someone with a Tattoo?

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Tattoos in the workplace

Source: industrialpersonnel.co.uk

Written by – Siyathma at OmeBiz

As time has passed, tattoos have definitely moved on from being a ‘taboo’ topic to a more accepted norm in the world. But does this mean that it has become fully accepted at a workplace? Tattoos at a workplace continue to be a grey area. Are they completely forbidden? Or do they have to be covered? Or do people simply not care about it anymore?

As of recent, visible tattoos have become more and more popular. The younger generation tends to accept tattoos more than the older generation in Sri Lanka. This would mean that different people would have different impressions of people with tattoos. People who dislike tattoos would normally label people with tattoos as ‘rebels’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘uneducated’.

But do you think it is fair to label these individuals with such terms? There are two sides to everything and there is more to it than meets the eye.

Yes, I would hire someone with a tattoo

Tattoos in the workplace

Source: thescottishsun.co.uk

It is vital that employers do not discriminate when picking out employees, as this could tarnish the reputation of the company. More importantly, if companies do discriminate when picking out their employees they would lose out on a large pool of potential candidates.

Most employers would say that they do not match with the culture of the company and they do not represent the company, simply because they have a tattoo. But this could not be further from the truth, as this attribute would not depend on an employee’s tattoos or lack of tattoos.

No, I would not hire someone with a tattoo

This tends to be a problem mostly in the customer service industry or when having to deal with clients. Employees would not be accepted if they have any tattoos or if they do they would need to be covered. This is because different customers and clients would have different impressions and as they come first employees would have to comply.

Areas that are not allowed to be tattooed in the airline industry

Areas marked in red are not allowed to be tattooed in the airline industry

Source: paddleyourownkanoo.com

For example, in the airline industry, you are not allowed to have any visible tattoos (in the red areas marked in the above picture). This would be the same for most jobs in the hotel industry.

Therefore, it all depends on which industry you work in and what kind of job you are applying for. In most countries such as the UK, there are no laws under the discrimination legislation to protect employees with visible tattoos.

Hopefully, in the future, this would all change and the negative notions that society feels about tattoos would change. This would ensure that everyone would get an equal chance to showcase their true potential.

Comment down below your opinion on whether you would or would not hire an employee with a tattoo.