Watch Out Photoshop

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Founders of Canva

Founders of Canva


Written by – Siyathma at OmeBiz

Do you feel lost and frustrated while using Photoshop? Or do you simply just not know how to use Photoshop at all?

If it is a yes, then your next best friend is going to be Canva when it comes to simple designs.

What is Canva?

Canva Designs


Canva is a graphic-design tool website that would help you out with basic graphic designing, which would be very beneficial for your business marketing needs. The website includes many templates that would suit any need that your business would require. This could include social media posts, infographics and many more. Moreover, you could custom design these templates according to your needs or even start off from scratch. There is a wide variety of designs that are available for free while others would have to be paid for.

Canva is a startup that was founded in 2012 by Cliff Obrecht, Melanie Perkins and Cameron Adams. The startup has become such a great hit within the years. The online design platform is available in 190 countries, used by over 10 million users and is worth over $1 Billion, currently earning the Unicorn title.

Definition of Unicorn (Finance)

Here are some facts about Canva and how it came to be;

1- Canva is one of Australia’s best startups

Australian Flag


Canva started off in Australia and now is a global brand which is very popular in Silicon Valley.

2- Canva is the future of design

canva logo

Canva Logo


Melanie Perkins came up with the idea of Canva while teaching students how to use design software, such as Photoshop and InDesign at the University of Western Australia. She noticed that her students took a long time to be confident in creating basic designs. Canva is the perfect solution to a simpler future in design.

Back in 2007, Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht co-founded Fusion Books, an online tool that helps schools to design their yearbooks. Fusion Books ended up being the largest yearbook company in Australia and also operates in New Zealand and France. However, they realized that their technology had more potential, thereby, planting the seeds for Canva.

 3- Canva is backed-up by ex-Googlers

Canva’s first few investors included the co-creator of Google Maps, Lars Ramussen and Google designer Cameron Adams.

4- What else does Canva Provide?

Canva includes a marketplace which allows professional graphic designers to contribute templates and layouts. In turn, they would receive royalties for their designs. Also, they provide a print and delivery service.

5- Melanie Perkins is one of the youngest Female CEOs

Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins


At the age of 30, Melanie Perkins is one of the youngest female CEOs of a $1 Billion worth business that has become a Unicorn in the startup world.

Canva is a perfect example of a very successful startup. The company has come a long way so far and it will only continue to keep improving, which has enabled them to become one of the best marketing tools out there!