Gaur Gopal Das for the First Time in Sri Lanka!

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Written by – Siyathma at OmeBiz

Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian spiritual leader, a lifestyle coach and a motivational speaker. He has prior experience of speaking with acclaimed companies such as Google, Sales Force, Infosys, Barclays, Bank of America, E&Y, and Ford. Moreover, he has spoken at several TEDx events all across the globe.

His talk at TEDx on Conscious Capitalism

He has won multiple awards such as Adarsh Yuva Adhyatmik Guru Puraskar (Ideal Youth Spiritual Guru Award), Danveer Karna Award, Silver Creator Award, and Rotary International’s “Super Achiever Award “16”.

For the first time, Gaur Gopal Das will be visiting Sri Lanka to speak about the importance of happiness to be productive in the workplace, and also about how corporates should be aware of their workers’ emotional status in order to have more efficient and productive workers. The Happiness forum will be held on the 22nd of March and the CEO Breakfast forum will be held on the 23rd of March, at the Grand Marquee, Taj Samudra Colombo.

The agenda of the event –

Gaur Gopal Das agenda

In the video below, Gaur Gopal Das himself is extending a message to all of Sri Lanka 

Wise Words from Gaur Gopal Das

  • “Values are not taught by what we say, they are taught by our example”

  • “Positive attitude is the key to success in life.”

  • “Leadership is about speaking less and doing more. It is the art of daring, caring and sharing”

  • “Earning with integrity, spending with compassion is conscious capitalism. It will add values to your valuables. When you find that purpose you will love your work, otherwise work can be a drag”

  • “We have to move from HRM to human asset motivation (HAM). We have to treat people as assets and motivate them beyond just money.”

Why is it important for employees to be happy?

  • Happy employees are more productive – The less stressed employees are the more willing they are to face challenges and focus better.
  • Happy employees are more creative – Employees would be able to give more of their ideas and this would benefit the company overall.
  • Happy employees work better in teams – They will get along more with the other employees. The work environment would be better and all employees would be able to efficiently work together.

To find out about how to ensure that your employees are happy make sure to attend The Happiness forum and the CEO Breakfast forum as this would greatly benefit yourself as well as your company in overall.

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