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Let's Talk SEO event held at the Dialog auditorium

Let’s Talk SEO event held at the Dialog auditorium

Written by – Siyathma at OMEBIZ

Let’s talk SEO was held on the 15th of February 2018 at the Dialog Auditorium which was organised by SLASSCOM. The workshop was conducted by Nishadha Silva and Nisal Lakmal. Both speakers spoke about everything we had to know about creating content and Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization has become a vital aspect that every business should pay attention to every time they create content. It is the easiest method of digital marketing. The motives for having such workshops is to improve the content produced in our country. This would largely help our tourism industry.

1st Session – How to create content effectively

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves creation and sharing of online such as blogs, videos and social media posts. This does not mean you have to explicitly promote your brand. But instead creates an intent to stimulate an interest in the product or service by giving value.

Let's Talk SEO in Dialog auditorium

Mr. Nishadha Silva at Let’s Talk SEO at the Dialog auditorium

Nishadha Silva spoke about Content Marketing by using Creately as an example. With only 5 team members they have been able to attract 12.5 million visitors per year onto their site. Content Marketing is a good way to establish good brand recognition. This also increases the chance of getting search engine traffic. This in turn would improve the overall authority of the domain which would boost the page. Also, if a high authority website backlinks your blog, this would help your site get more attraction.

Tips to keep in mind when creating content

  • Post consistently – This will help to boost your reach.
  • Have a long term strategy – This will help you create content much faster as you do not have to spend time thinking and you could spend more time writing. Hence, it is vital that you have a meeting at the end of every month and plan it out.
  • Target a clearly defined audience
  • Inform and entertain your audience rather than just promoting your products

Tips to keep in mind when writing an article

  • Firstly, you need to plan out the topic of the article. When deciding this factor it is important to keep in mind the SEO keywords and a title that will make the audience curious.
  • Secondly, we need to ensure that such a topic has not been done by competitor. If your competitors have already covered such an article, then the writer has to figure out how to make their article standout.
  • When writing the article, you have to ensure that when you add SEO keywords that you do not overload the article by trying to fit them all. Infographics and eye-catching pictures should be used to make it easier for the reader to go through the article.
  • When posting the article, use hashtags, hashtags and more hashtags. This is what will ensure that your article will reach more readers. Most people tag their articles but what they forget to do is to tag the pictures in the article.
10%  –  of overall searches are image searches. Hence, it is imperative that all images in the articles are tagged. The more backlinks that are available from other bloggers sharing your pictures, the more attraction you get to your own blog.

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2nd Session – Getting down to the technicalities of SEO

Let's Talk SEO at the Dialog auditorium

Mr. Nisal Lakmal at the Let’s Talk SEO at the Dialog auditorium

Nisal Lakmal spoke about the more technical aspects when creating content. There are many aspects you need to keep in mind when creating content other than the content itself.

Site Structure

This will help the user to navigate around the site and move from one page to the other. More importantly, your site structure is what helps google determine the content that is important and relevant.

Tool – Screaming Frog 

Keyword Research

Google Adwords Keyword Planner would help you choose the relevant keywords for your articles. You could narrow down your searches by date range and level of competition level as well.


  • Title Tags – This should not exceed 70 characters and keywords must be used.
  • Meta Tags – This is what the reader would type on a search engine. The more Meta tags you have the better as there is more likely chance of your article appearing on the search results. But keep in mind that it should not exceed 320 characters.
  • Alt Tags – Once again, tagging your pictures is vital.
  • H1 TagsThe Header Tag should be given to the title of the article. It is preferred not to use more than one h1 tag per article. For the rest there is always the option of using h2, h3, h4, etc.

Site Speed

No one wants to visit a slow site as it is such a hassle and the user will immediately quit the site. Hence, monitoring the speed of the site and ensuring that you take the suggested steps to maintain your site speed is vital.

Also, ensure that your site is mobile friendly as most of your audience would be reading articles on the go.

Tools – Google PageSpeed Insight 

Analyzing Performance

Using the tools itself is not enough. You have to keep track of the performance of the site in order to see whether these tools are effective and to make any future decisions.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Website Traffic – This should be differentiated according to organic and paid traffic. Also, this will let you know which social media websites bring you the most traffic.
  • Performance of Articles and Search Term Reports – This will help determine the type of articles that you readers are interested in. With this information, you could decide on your future articles as well.
  • txt – This will let you know if you have given enough access to website crawlers.

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More and more workshops should be conducted in hopes of bettering the content created in Sri Lanka. In doing so, it will only benefit our country as we get more attraction which will improve our economy. This would not just be from the tourism aspect but also more multinationals could possibly be interested in investing. It also gives local businesses more of a chance to speak out and be heard throughout the international business sector.