Gudppl – Collaboration 2017

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Gudppl Collaboration 2017 was held at BMICH (Mihilaka Medura)

Written by – Siyathma at Omentra

Collaboration 2017 was held by Gudppl on the 5th of December 2017, at BMICH (Mihilaka Medura) from 9 AM – 6 PM. Collaboration 2017 was a summit to inspire action where Gudppl officially launched their website and mobile app.

Gudppl’s main motive is to create a community who does good

What is Gudppl?

Gudppl’s main motive is to create a community who does good

Gudppl is a social network which inspires you to do good. Their motive is to create a world where everybody is compassionate in building really good communities.

Gudppl is a social enterprise. It is a profitable business who does good for people by making it fun for corporates and people to volunteer. They do not want you to just tick volunteering off a check list. They want you to understand why they are helping and the impact that they are making by sharing the stories.

Citibank was the first corporate that collaborated with Gudppl for a Corporate Social Responsibility project. Since then they have completed 250 projects.

Features of Gudppl

Opportunities – It is a tool to get our society’s problems solved efficiently and productively. It will state all the opportunities that you could volunteer for and state what exactly it is that they need. A corporate or an individual can simply choose the right opportunity for them for any cause and get started.

Opportunities enlisted on the Gudppl website


Deed Feed – This is similar to something you would see on Facebook, where you could thank a person for volunteering and write messages on other member’s feeds. This is a great way for everyone on the site to connect. Also, this would look great on your annual report as this is a much easier way to show what you have done.

On the side of your home page, it will also showcase how many hours you have volunteered and the number of events you have volunteered at.

Deed Feed on the Gudppl website


Gud stories – It shows a recap of the event and what was achieved.

Gud Stories on the Gudppl website


Plans for 2018

Right now the website is completely free. In 2018 there will some premium features included for corporates. Their motive is to create a profitable business who does good.

Recap of Collaboration 2017

Below are the agenda, exhibitors list and more photos from Collaboration 2017.

The agenda for Collaboration 2017

The wonderful Exhibitors that were present at Collaboration 2017- Part 1

The wonderful Exhibitors that were present at Collaboration 2017- Part 2

The Speakers Session is where the Opening Ceremony and all the speeches were held

The Exhibition Area is where all the wonderful Exhibitors were present

A few of the Exhibitors that were present at Collaboration 2017

Mr. Harinda Fonseka at the launch of Gudppl

It was a great event for everyone to do good and for these amazing organisations to help get their message out there. This was a great opportunity for these organisations to get the help they needed. At the same time, corporates and anyone who were interested in helping out was able to find out the opportunities that were there for them to take part in.

If your Corporate is looking forward to taking part in any Community Service Projects, you should definitely make an account with Gudppl and register. Gudppl will help you and your team to have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Gudppl has a bright future ahead and they will surely help make a large impact in Sri Lanka.

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