Startling Startups at Infotel 2017! (Part 2)

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Written by – Siyathma at Omentra

Last week we took a look at some of the startups that attended Infotel 2017. Read onto know more about the startups that were present at the Startup Pavilion.

5- Liveroom

Liveroom is an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platform development for those who want to turn their imagination into reality

6- BlueLotus 360°

Provides customer oriented ERP for construction, manufacturing, trading and service

Tell us a little about your company (business organization) and what product or service you’re marketing?

Bluelotus 360° is a Cloud based SaaS ERP solution for large & medium construction, manufacturing and trading companies.

Our aim is to offer AI/IoT- Enabled ERP solutions so that business can use the wealth of structured data to empower and impact the heart and soul of day-to-day operations of the business.

Our solutions are available to serve many areas of business such as Accounting, Human Resource, Inventory, Procurement, Project Management, Quantity surveying etc.

How is it different from your competitor’s product/service?

Our Construction Industry specific ERP has several unique innovative features which make our solution standout to others.

Tell us about your success and about the challenges you have tackled so far

As everyone is aware adaptation of IT is relatively low in construction industry. Primarily due to complicity of the industry and the available solutions are very expensive, which most of the companies in the emerging markets can’t afford. Our solution addresses those challenges.

What is next for your organization?

Launch our SaaS product for the global audience.

Build the feature-sets in our roadmap- BIM Integrations, IoT Integrations e.g. predictive maintenance of heavy machinery


For classifieds, promotions and directory listings in Sri Lanka

8- ezBooking

ezBooking is a one stop solution for hospitality and leisure industry.

  • Contact Details-
  • Name: J. Jaruza, CEO of ezBooking
  • Number: 0703393390
  • Company Address: 55, College road, Neeraviyadi, Jaffna
  • To know more details about ezBooking –

Tell us a little about your company (business organization) and what product or service you’re marketing?

ezBooking is an online hotel solution, which enables hotel owners to manage the bookings via online presence. As an initial level, we provide a website with an integrated booking engine and an administration system to manage bookings of a hotel.

It is more suitable for small and medium scale guesthouses, hotels and villas. Developing a hotel booking solution like ezBooking, will cost much for small & medium scale hotels. Hence we target them to reach more customers with more benefits to them.

How is it different from your competitor’s product/service?

ezBooking is the total IT solutions for the hospitality industry such as the website, CMS, Booking portal, Front desk management, Stock control, Accounts and Digital marketing and brand building.

It has more unique features than our competitors. ezBooking provides an eye-catching fully responsive website for the hotel with integrated booking engine. Which powered with an administration panel also to manage online/front desk bookings, customers, room rates and more. Hence hotels can manage their online presence without paying commissions to any booking portals.

The responsive website will display 360° view of the hotel. It will allow the visitor to see the environment, the service or the product of the hotel at its best.

Newsletter subscription is another unique feature to keep in touch with each and every customer of the hotel in-order to increase the loyal customers for the hotel.

Back office for the bookings and content management has an informative dashboard to know about bookings, income, and reservation details.

Further, it enables automatic invoice generation based on booking and additional charges. With our system, hotels can create/view reports for the room availability, bookings, income periodically. The hotel owners can get a clear statistical insight with these reports and able to make future decisions to increase the revenue of the hotel.

Tell us about your success and about the challenges you have tackled so far.

We reached more than 80 clients/customers within 9 months.

Currently, as we are targeting medium and small scale hotels, it was quite challenging to make them understand the difference between our system and the existing booking portals. As there is lack of IT knowledge in small and medium scale hotels, it was also difficult to explain the advance unique features of our system and their importance to hotel business.

What is next for your organization?

We plan to establish ezBooking in other countries such as India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Caribbean islands after reaching a significant amount of customers in Sri Lanka.

9- 9int Solutions

Firm specializing in providing technological solutions for the organizations to match with sustainable standards.



All the startups that were present at Infotel 2017 have a bright future ahead and will help in the betterment of Sri Lanka.