Panoramic cameras – 180º to 360º overview

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Panoramic cameras – 180º to 360º overview

What is a panoramic camera?

A panoramic camera is a fixed camera that provides an area of coverage between 180º and 360º, depending on the model. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor surveillance applications that require an efficient one-camera installation for an overview of a wide area. A panoramic camera can be used to detect activities in a large area, track the flow of people, and improve area management.

A panoramic camera is an effective alternative to installing two or more fixed cameras to cover a wide field of view. The use of just one camera instead of many makes the installation easy and cost-effective, saving time as well as money. One of the reasons is that reducing the number of cameras also means reducing the number of ports required on a network switch. Most Axis panoramic cameras also have one IP address, which means that only one software license per camera is required for most video management systems.

Panoramic cameras can provide wide area coverage and excellent image detail at the same time in an efficient one-camera installation. A panoramic camera can have one image sensor or multiple image sensors. Usually, a single-sensor camera is smaller, making it easy to place, whereas a multi-sensory camera has a higher pixel density that enables higher image quality or wider area of coverage. A multi-directional camera offers even more flexibility since it can view multiple directions simultaneously.